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Anillos de compromiso de paladio

Engagement Rings made of Palladium by acredo

For all those who like to go their own way

To set a bold accent and to choose a different path as a couple – with engagement rings made from palladium you will make your love even more unique. For a long time, the advantages of the shiny silver precious metal palladium have been underestimated: it was hardly ever used in jewelry. It is only very recently that engagement rings made of palladium are becoming increasingly popular and convince many because of their wonderful quality.

Palladium engagement rings stand out because of their wearing comfort and soft shimmer

Their high degree of clarity and high wearing comfort make engagement rings made of palladium a favourite for those with allergies and all those who appreciate stability. Engagement rings made from palladium are not coated and therefore do not oxidise. They will enchant you with their silver white shimmer for the long term. Their lightness and hardness makes palladium engagement rings a piece of jewelry for everyday use. Engagement rings made of palladium are a modern and eternal symbol of your love.

To add accents: the acredo Designer

Because of their quality, engagement rings made of palladium are pieces of jewelry for eternity. To make sure that you will love them throughout your life and that they will perfectly match your everyday style, you can use the acredo Designer to design your palladium engagement rings yourself. Experiment with the enchanting palladium alloy and discover the beauty of this modern precious metal. Our Charisma collection stands for particular charisma and for engagement rings with personality. You can design each model in the collection yourself with palladium as the precious metal of choice. Our recommendation: combine the white palladium with pure diamonds or create a two-color ring. Palladium harmonises extremely well with gold alloys, adding a special accent to your mutual path of love. The choice of size, quality and setting of the diamond and the right love message engraved in the ring will add a very personal touch to an engagement ring made of palladium. Let us inspire you with our Charisma collection and use the acredo Designer to test the different variants.

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