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Classic Engagement Rings

Classic is trend. Browse our gallery and find classic engagement rings in white gold or yellow gold with an excellent diamond in the centre.

The diamond is held securely in a prong or bezel setting. The ring band of the classic engagement rings is pure without diamonds on the side. The focus is entirely on the sparkle of the centerstone.

The classic engagement ring is the perfect fit to the wedding ring. Timeless beauty for your love.

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Classic Engagement Rings

The style is rather simple and moves towards understatement. That is why classic engagement rings do without additional diamonds on the ring band. They focus entirely on the large diamond set in the centre. Because of this simplicity, classic engagement rings are timelessly beautiful. They are absolutely uncomplicated to combine with other rings and pieces of jewellery and thus guarantee a lifetime of pleasure.

Engagement ring classics in white and yellow Classic engagement rings are preferably set in yellow gold or white gold, as these are the classic gold colours and gold alloys. However, if the classic engagement ring is to be white or silver coloured, more and more couples are opting for platinum.

Classic engagement rings in platinum have advantages in daily life because of the toughness of the material. Platinum does not rub off. The material shifts. In addition, platinum makes classic engagement rings with weight. Try it. It feels wonderfully heavy. Ideal for turbulent everyday life.

Only the best for the classics At acredo, we always offer you only the best diamond qualities. This also applies to the classic engagement rings. From 0.3ct, every diamond has an international certificate. Every classic engagement ring is manufactured in our factory in Germany, which is RJC certified and guarantees the highest manufacturing standards.

Once the engagement ring classics are custom made, they are presented in the high quality acredo box. When it gets opened during the proposal and your eyes fall on the classic engagement ring, happiness is guaranteed.