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Plain Wedding Bands and Rings

Plain wedding rings are incredibly adaptable and have everlasting validity. Our Channel collection includes wedding rings with brilliant-cut diamonds and diamonds set at right angles to the ring band. This is called a cross channel setting.

Get inspired by our different interpretations of this type of stone setting for your plain wedding bands. Set straight or at an angle to the ring, single or multiple - Channel shows plain wedding rings with wonderful stone settings to inspire you.

With acredo you have the freedom to design both rings the same or purposefully different. For the plain wedding rings or wedding bands, we recommend the stone setting for ring 1 and ring 2.

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Convincing Simplicity

Most bridal couples imagine plain wedding rings without any stones at all. We would like to convince you that plain and yet with a stone setting works.

The perfect shape for plain wedding bands

The decisive factor for plain wedding rings or bands is the shape. At acredo you can choose from a total of 34 different shapes, which we call profile. Why are there so many? We tailor the rings perfectly to our customers and their different hands. Over time, we have learned that it is especially important for plain wedding rings to offer shapes with different radii. Because no two hands are the same, especially internationally. With the variety of shapes, we ensure that the rings always fit perfectly. That's why one focus of our advice is also on the right ring shape, not only for plain wedding rings.

Discreet diamonds for plain wedding rings

In our experience, most ladies want a discreet stone setting as a highlight, even for a plain wedding bands. The cross channel setting is ideal for this. It is aligned across the ring. The brilliants or princess diamonds discreetly emphasize the width of the ring. There are different variations of this cross channel setting, so it can also be arranged rather diagonally on the plain wedding bands. Either it shows up once or several times repeatedly on the plain wedding rings, creating very interesting designs. In the distinct form, the plain wedding rings this way become quite luxurious symbols of love.

Plain men's rings

Due to its simplicity, the cross channel setting is also perfectly suited for men's rings. For inspiration, at acredo you will find several ringpairs with the same stone setting in both ladies' and men's rings. Either you consciously decide to concentrate the stone setting on the ladies' ring or you design both rings with the same stone setting. The diamonds or princess diamonds fill the full width of your plain wedding rings in a straight or angled line.

Regardless of whether you choose plain wedding rings with or without a stone setting, we will lovingly craft your dream rings in our manufactory. Many individual steps are necessary to produce premium quality wedding rings. Our professionals in the manufactory do this with absolute dedication and are proud of every unique piece that brides and grooms receive.

If you are looking for more inspiration on plain wedding rings, we also recommend the category of classic wedding rings. There we show you many more designs without and with discreet stones.